About Us

EBS copiers is a South Florida, customer-oriented business solutions provider. We pride ourselves of being your support for all your document processing needs. Our efforts are totally concentrated on your business. We are committed to improve your day-to-day operations, to put technology to work for you, to guide your organization throughout the whole process and to increase your profitability reducing your printing costs.

The EBS Copiers team demonstrates passion through our continuous search for industry knowledge, our dedication to the success of your company, and our consistent delivery of results.
We understand that your interests always come first, because our success always follows yours.

Find Your Solution

Finding the right choice for your business does not have to be a hard job. Your information and our experience is the perfect combination to easily accomplish this duty.

Our well-trained teamwork knows exactly which aspects of your document process need to be considered to choose the more suitable solution for your company’s unique needs. They will analyze the printing frequency of each department and/or user of your company, the type of documents and the devices currently utilized. In this way, they calculate your actual cost per document printed.

With EBS Solutions, you can save up to 30% on your total In-house Printing!

Request an assessment today. There is absolutely NO obligation, it has no cost to you.